Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursdays.pngWith Today being Thursday…Thoughtful Thursday I contemplated what I wanted to share with you guys today. Especially since this is the 1st of many Consistent posts you will be seeing from me. I had all these thoughts that I wanted to share but, as I was listening to my Personal Development this morning ( Currently The Art of Exception Living by Jim Rohn) it became very clear to me.


I want to start out with a couple of questions……..

What Goals do you have in your life?

Are you working on those Goals?

Are you doing Personal Development?

Are you working on growing you as a person?

In life we are placed with so many choices in front of us. Depending on how we act or react to those events and opportunities make all the difference. I love the quote “We can’t change the Seasons… We can Only change ourselves.” We can’t change events that happen in our life all the time or the way others react or treat us, But we can CHOOSE how we React to them.

Here is an example……

When I had my 1st and 2nd miscarriage I was a totally different person than I am now. I was Over 200lbs, depressed and emotionally out of control. I worried every minute what others thought about me and had little to no confidence let alone self worth. After that and being told I was never going to be able to have kids I got so low that it became a life or death situation for me. I Knew If I didn’t take control of my life sooner or later my health/mindset was going to take my life.

Flash forward to where I am now. I am a completely different person and It didn’t happen over night. It’s been a lot of work between all the overcoming many other struggles of 2 girls, 2 more miscarriages, job loss, car totalled, Auto Immune disease Just to name a few but I can tell you right now with 100% certainty that what I learned when I made the Choice to take control of my health 5-6 Years ago and continue to do is…………


We have a choice every single day on how we react and the actions we choose to take. So I ask you again……. What Type of Person are we Becoming? What Type of Person do we Want to be…… & Want to be remembered for? Are your Actions in line with those goals? or Do you need to make some Changes?

Start Today to work toward the life you want and to Be the Person you want others to remember you for…..

-Over Come Your Fears & Fight For Your Dreams……

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