You Were Born to Be Real not Perfect

15994421_1372659432747086_5902617758453688840_oI am so Far from perfect it isn’t even funny and maybe it’s just me but how many times in our lives do we let fear & Perfectionism stop us from doing something?
I’m still really working on that. Having to have everything planned out or I can’t do this till XYZ is done.
And I have learned that by doing that I’m totally holding myself back from so many incredible blessings. And if you do this too…. So are you.
So Why do we do this? Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve & Progress we all should be constantly striving for that. But it’s ok for us to make mistakes, it’s ok if we get sick sometimes, or our house isn’t always clean, or we have a day that women we don’t put on make up & stay in our pajamas sometimes. It doesn’t make us any less of a person. In fact it makes us Real!
Life happens no one besides Christ & our Heavenly Father are Perfect. We are all learning & all growing which means we make mistakes, we might not always be consistent and have every minute of every day planned out and That’s ok!

A really good friend made the comment that Perfectionism is Horrible! It’s different from striving to be Perfect. We need to Be PROGRESSIONALISTS Always Learning, Always Growing.

So to any friends that struggle with wanting to have everything perfect…………………………………………..
We Have to Stop it! Allow ourselves to say it’s ok we are learning & growing every day! We will not always have everything together & that’s ok too.

We are ment to be Real not Perfect!

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