The Power of Choices.

Thoughtful Thursday has come around again and I have been fighting with myself on what I wanted to write about today so I decided I would just start typing and see where it takes me.

I feel the need to talk about Choices.  In our lives we are blessed with an Abundant amount of choices to make. Every day we have the choice to wake up, a choice to act on thoughts in positive or negative ways and with every choice  we act on we get a result. I love to teach this diagram because it is so true. In this post I’m only going to get into a little of it and will share more in a later post for you.

Untitled design (7)

Every Day we have an Abundant amount of thoughts coming into our minds Negative and positive I have seen and Heard it taught multiple ways but I love imagining myself with the Devil/Evil spirits on one side and an Gurdian angels on the other side constantly putting thoughts and ideas into our head and with out getting a ton into thoughts Which I will save for another day and post but we have a CHOICE to either accept and take on those ideas or let them pass right through you. RECOGNISE and RELEASE is what I like to call it. I’m going to get very vulnerable right now when I had depression and was really struggling there would be very negative thoughts come into my mind. Your not good enough, Why would anyone love you, Your not worthy to be a mother, Wife, No one will believe you, but you have already done X,Y,Z so you should just stop, You will never afford it, to be successful it is going to be really hard, Life is hard, I’m never going to ******. These are all thought I have had in my life Multiple times and If you have had them then they are from The Devil and you have to stop choosing to believing them!!!!!!! Now that I know how to recognize and train my thoughts to work for my good I know that. Its when we make the choice to start believing them that they create feelings that turn into actions. Them may be we lose confidence, we start to slouch or no sit up straight, we don’t speak up even if we have the knowledge to help others because we start doubting ourselves and don’t stand up for ourselves. and WE HAVE TO STOP IT!!!!!!!

This is A Continual every day skill we can use to start improving our life. We Have a Choice every day to Recognise the negative thoughts our not our own that they are from Satan Whose whole purpose is to bring evil into this world and bring others down with him.  We have to start to START NOW to say NO. I Am Good Enough! I Have an Abundant amount of Friends and Family that Love Me and You Unconditionally!! I can Accomplish Anything I set my mind to!! I am an Incredible Mother Learning and Growing Every Day Along side my Children! I have More than enough opportunities to provide for all Mine & Our Families needs and wants and be able to Share them with others in abundance!!! Success Comes with Ease and we put aside temporary needs and wants and lose ourselves in unconditional Love for others Despite our Differences. Those needs and Wants will be provided in so many more ways that you would never imagine.

If you can’t tell now What you think about you bring about so how we choose to control our thoughts really do affect our Lives more than you may know.


I have talked a lot about good and bad thoughts but sometimes Choices are between what could be GOOD, BETTER, or BEST. In this case for me I always will kneel down a pray to my Heavenly Father ( or Whatever Your Higher power is) and Pray for guidance. Sometimes it takes Exercising our Faith Not knowing how things may even be able to happen but Doing our part and Turning The Difference and rest over to the Lord.

Another very important part and then I will end the post for today is that as we are on our Journey (ever circle you see on the chart represents moments/Minutes/ Seconds) we have a choice to change the path we are on at any time in our day. What Are you going to CHOOSE? Are the Choices you are making right now in line with your goals? Are you Choosing the Thoughts that will in turn create Feelings, Emotions and Actions/Results that are responsible for Creating your Core Beliefs and the circle keeps continuing. This is the reason you are Exactly where you are right now in you life and are what is Creating your life as we speak. So What Choices are you going to make to Day. Choose to Make an Incredible Day!!!





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