Perspective and Overcoming Obstacles in Our Life 

This scripture couldn”t be a bigger blessing. Comfort to Our Family right now! I just couldn’t help but share it with all of you.

Sometimes it may be frustrating and very difficult as we face obstacles and trial that come into our life.  Through those trials if we truly exercise our Faith and put our Trust in the Lord knowing that these Trials are Temporary. They are ment to strengthen us and Teach us. Even if it’s being able to humble ourselves and show gratitude for all that truly is around us.

I know that as we put our trust in the Lord, and are sensitive the the promptings and opportunities that are placed in our path that we we be blessed in ways we can’t even Imagine.

Like Fire our lifes can be used for good or bad. Fire can burn down homes and forests destroying all in its path, but it can also heat a home, cook meals, and so much more. The choice is yours and how you choose to use it! How you choose to see the situation. 

Love you all and have an Incredible Sunday morning!

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