Power of Perception

I’m Currently reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey. and I love What He shares with us on Perception but, Before I share that A Picture and ask you what you see? I’m sure this isn’t the 1st time you have seen something like this. but to some in the 1st picture you may see two people facing each other, to other a wine class. In the 2nd picture you may see a beautiful Young women or a Man Playing the Saxophone.

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Another Example that I will Quote from the book shares and example:

Two battleships assigned to the training squadron had been at see on maneuvers in heavy weather for several days. I was serving on the lead battleship and was on watch on the bridge as night fell. The bridge keeping an eye on all activities.

Shortly After dark, the lookout on the wing of the bridge reported, “Light, bearing on the starboard bow” “Is it steady or moving astern?” the captain called out.  Lookout replied, “Steady, captain, ” which meant we were on a dangerous collision course with that ship.

The captain then called to the signalman, “Signal that ship: We are on a collision course, advise you change course 20 degrees,” Back came a signal, ” Advisable for you to change course 20 degrees.” The Captain said, ” Send, I’m a captain, change course 20 degrees.” ” I’m a Seaman second class,” came the reply. ” You had better change course 20 degrees.”

by that time the captain was furious. he Spat out, “Send, I’m a battleship. Change course 20 degrees.”

Back Came the Flashing light, I’m a lighthouse.”

We changed course.

I absolutely love this. How many times in our life do we think we have the right perspective not knowing all the details??? or have a goal and think we know exactly how it’s going to happen that we close our self off from other opportunities or paths that will actually be more beneficial for us and allow us to reach our goals even faster? Something to think about…………………………………………………..

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