About Rebecka Mead

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About Me:

I am a Wife and Mother to 2 Beautiful Little girls that are my Top Priority and I love Them with all my Heart. I am the Owner of Be Empowered Together & Be Empowered Creations. I am a Be Empowered Transformation Coach incorporating:

13 Amazing years as Licensed Cosmetologist

6 years Experience as a Certified Foot Zone Therapist

6 Years Experience as an Emotional Healing Practitioner,

3 years Health and Wellness Coach

4 Months as A Certified Flowologist

Real Estate Investor in Training

My Mission is to Provide Products & Services & Education to Empower Individuals, Couples, & Families to recognize their Inner & Outer Beauty, Recognize the Gifts and Talents within their self, To Overcome limiting Beliefs & Fears that have been passed down from past generations that will Transform their lives and allow them to Reach Their Full Potential as God would have them do. While Creating the Life of their Dreams!

By uplifting the human spirit I love to watch my Friends/Clients thrive and become the person they were meant to be.

If you have any questions about anything on my website It would be my Pleasure to answer them.

My Story


Here is my Health and Wellness Journey: I was always what I thought was on the little heavier side in school:  junior high 140-155, high school 155-170.  I played little basketball in elementary other then that I was never what you consider athletic.

I met my husband in 2006, and 2 years later August 2008, we got married and started trying to have a family right away.

2010: 2 miscarriages later and at 200 lbs I was physically and emotionally out of control I went to the doctors and the diagnosed me with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and told me I most likely will never be able to have kids and if I did it would be very hard. 

I was already depressed and had planned all my classes through high school so I could Graduate and do cosmetology school and one day be a Stay at home MOM and Do hair on the side to still bring in income. So being told I wasn’t ever going to have kids was like pulling my feet from under me and dropping lower than I have ever been In my life.

Sometimes it takes being dropped so low for us to finally do something about it. I took a Serious look at my life and where it was headed. I HATED it. Most of my family suffer with obesity and major medical and emotional problems and I knew that if I didn’t want that in my life I had to make drastic Changes.

I started watching what I was eating and pulled out a workout program I had but had never fully done (Turbo Jams) after getting through the whole program I did some P90x and lost 45 lbs. 


But Most importantly I knew it didn’t matter what I ate or how hard I worked out I had to also work on my mindset. So Here are 6 things I did to Improve my mindset and over all health:

First:I kept a Journal and would write feelings and thoughts I was having. Trap the negative in one journal and recording positive in another journal

 Second: In my Postive Journal I  would write 3-5 positive things that I was Grateful for that happened every day ( or 3-5 things of where I saw the hand of the Lord in my life.
Third: Because I felt I had no self worth and was not happy with myself I started writing  3-5 things I loved about myself.
Fourth: I would Read, listen,or watch 15 to 30 minutes Minimum of personal development every day! 
Fifth: I also started Taking a Foot Zoning class and started working on correcting my body and balancing my Hormones.
Sixth: I was introduced to Essential oils and the incredible benefits they have as a catalyst to aid in Improving all area of our life from our Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Bodies.
Not even 2 months into my class getting my feet zoned every week and applying Oils Daily I found out I was pregnant with my 1st little girl she was born May 2012 and full term my weight went right back up.
So I started all I over again I was 5 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight and found out I was pregnant with my second daughter and went right back up again. After she was born in Oct 2013 I started working out again and lost over 61lbs! I surpassed my pre-pregnancy weight. I weighed what I weighed in junior high.
I ended up getting pregnant again and 10 weeks later October 2014 ended up in the Emergency room for yet another DNC/ Miscarriage and Ended up gaining 10lbs. Coincidentally after I ran out of my pain medicine my tailbone started hurting I went in and my the Tip and been pushed in some how and one of my bones was protruding a little causing me pain so on December 24th I went in and they re-adjusted my Tailbone. I was restricted once again from working out. I was finally able to start working out again the end of January 2015 
May 2015 I ended up getting rear ended and my car got Totaled and in September 2015 I ended up in the Emergency room for my 4th miscarriage 6th pregnancy. Since the miscarriage I have had lots of pain not only when I’m ovulating and menstruating but my Food Sensitives and pain in my stomach have been so much worse not to mention not being able to think clearly or remember things at time, random muscle spasms and those are only a few. So in February 2016 I went to the Dr. My blood results came back extremely high for an Auto Immune Disease called Celiac Disease.
Then next month(March 2016) I ended up going in for a Laparoscopic procedure where my OB removed my Tubes and Cauterized a ton of Inflammation (not Endometriosis) He wasn’t sure what it was. still having pain (April 2016) I went in for a Colonoscopy which thankfully besides inflammation I didn’t have Chrons.
As you could imagine I was really getting sick of test and procedures. so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went extreme and really watched every little thing I put into my body. I ended up cutting out all nuts, legumes, Gluten, Dairy, Processed sugars,  pretty much lean Protein, non gassy veggies, fruits, sprouted (gluten free) grains, Healthy fats. I think the biggest thing that helped me was I started drinking Bone Broth Every single day! and within 2 weeks I started noticing a huge difference. But something was still missing…. I realized that I wasn’t utilizing my Essential oils as much as I should have. So I started using my Essential oils all the time as well as Doterras nutrition products. and I can’t even begin to tell you how much the have transformed my life and will Always be apart of my life.

Over the years I have added several other fitness programs to my collection But MOST importantly my Mindset and even with the health issues my Health is so much better And I’m emotionally stable for the most part as women our hormones and emotions get the best of us sometimes but so much Better and happier. I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m still progressing and working towards my goals. Because of my success I am now and will forever be involved with Health & Wellness. I Absolutely Love helping others overcome their struggles and reach their goals. I promise I made every excuse Out there. As I have said before There is no magic shake. Wrap. Pill or program out there when it comes down to it its really simple:

 40%nutrition 40%Mental 20% Exercise You Have to work the Whole Body!!! Combine Mind & Body!

A lot is in your head that’s where positive affirmations, self development, Gratitude Journals, Motivation, and Accountability come in.
With Nutrition and exercise: there are lots of programs and products out there that can simplify or assist you.
Other Key Ingredient in Reach our full potential is Taking time to connect with our spiritual body (I’m Not Talking Religion) but our inner Higher Self.
Combination of balancing our Mental body, Physical Body, Emotional Body, & Spiritual Body is how we are able to Reach our Full Potential.
In the end everyone is a little different and it takes Listening to our body and individualizing a program best for your needs. I promise you can get their one step at a time. Expect failures and bumps along the way they will come but keep moving forward learn from the mistake and keep going! You can do it!

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