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Class Description: Come Learn the Basics of Essential oils: What Are Essential Oils, How to use Essential Oils, Why Doterra Essential Oils, Foundational Health Products, & What can Essential Oils do For you.

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 Class Description: Come Learn about the Power of our mindset. How to create personalized & effective Positive Affirmations, Personal Development, Gratitude Journal, Dealing with Negative Thoughts, Tools & Specific Essential Oils to help Improve your Mindset and get you started on the right track to improving your life.

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Practical Remedies Class Description: Come learn The Basics of Essential Oils & Every Day Remedies for a variety of Health Concerns and Everyday Home Health Solutions.

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Class Description: Once you have taken My Level 1  Mindset, Skillset & Toolset class and have learned some basic skills and tools to getting your mindset in the right place it’s now time to come learn how to Look, Feel, & Become your Best by Improving your Physical body. By Looking and Feeling your best it adds to your Self Confidence & Lessens Stress to help you reach your full potential. So Come learn some Tips to Losing Weight, Consuming Nutrient Dense Foods, Exercising, Essential Oils and More.

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emotions and Essential Oils

Class Description: Come learn ways to help manage your Emotions and how Essential oils can aid and Help improve in the Healing process and Help us in removing trapped emotions aid in finding balance

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Pain Resolution Class Description: Come Learn How pain works, Specific Essential oils to help with pain, Tips & Tricks for Pain Relief.

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Strength & Personal Living Class Description: Come learn ways to Fortify your Immune System, Eliminate Toxins, Relieve Inflammation, Support your Bodies Systems & More

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Kids Health Class Description: Come learn how to use Essential oils with Children, as well as Nutrition, Fitness & Overall Tips to Improve your Kids Health.

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Come learn some fun recipes for DIY from body care, cleaning, fun and more. Every class my be a little different and I may be teaching or sharing something new every time as well as teaching how to customize products for yourself.

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cooking with essential oils

Class Description: Come learn how to cook with essential oils as well as get some of my Personal favorite recipes I use Essential Oils in.

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Class Description: Come Learn Membership options to earning discounts and Living a Doterra Lifestyle.

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