Clean Eating Challenge Groups/Accountability Groups

Clean Eating Challenge Groups/ Accountability Group


Slow Cooker Challenge: $20

This is a 5 days, you will learn the simple, easy ways to help you feel better, have more confidence, and even get into your skinny jeans! Also, keep in mind that this is a plan you can always use as a resource at anytime during the year. Since the recipes are for the slow cooker/crockpot, this is one of my favorite plans for busy weeks! I’m so excited to start this journey with you, and I’m always here to help. For maximum results and accountability, please check in Daily! I will also be sharing some awesome tips as well!

5 Day Healthy Family Challenge: $35

In this Challenge I am giving you a complete menu and shopping list to take all the guess work out of it for the 5 Day challenge 🙂 As well daily Affirmations, Daily Tasks, Tips, motivation and advice along the way  for the entire Family.
The majority of my Clients have had amazing results and on average lost 4 to 7 lbs and 1 to 3 inches off their waist. CRAZY right 🙂 Ready to start taking control? Maybe you’re just looking for some fun recipes? This would be the challenge for you.

3 Day Dash to a Healthier Life: $25

I’m all about Balance and Moderation but sometimes you just need 3 days to get back on track and get that motivation going again. During this Challenge I will share 3 days of meals and recipes with you As well as Lots of Tips and Tricks, & Motivation for living a Healthier lifestyle.

7 Day Sugar Detox: $30

My 7 Day Sugar Detox consists of 7 Days of Meals, Tips & Tricks to helping with sugar cravings, Tips for Dealing with Sugar Withdrawal, Daily Positive Affirmations, Essential oils that Help, Motivation & Accountability

Simple slim Down Challenge: $35

In my 5 day Simple slim down Challenge I provide a 5 Day Meal plan, Recipes, Daily accountability, Daily tasks, Tips,& Motivation to Help you get started on the right track.

Year Round Accountability Group: Free

I host a Free Year round accountability on Facebook where I post Tips and Tricks, Recipes, Classes & Challenges I’m having, Motivation, Affirmations Randomly Throughout the week. This group is for Anyone looking to Improve their health. They just need to fill out the application below to apply. The group is for all of use to help each other so feel free to  share struggles/challenges you may be having, recipes, and things that are helping you.

This is a free Group so I do ask Please be respectful of others. This is a private group where I want everyone feeling comfortable sharing and helping build each other up. Also I politely ask that their is no soliciting. I offer a wide variety of services and products if you are looking for anything specific. If it’s something I don’t Offer I would be happy to recommend you to someone in the group or someone I know. Thank you for Being Respectful & Understanding.

8 Week Clean Eating Transition Course:

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(Once you apply you will be contacted for Payment (if any) and to be added to the group. For your convenience I am Planning on Automating some of these in the near Future)

Fill out the application Below & select the group that interest you most……….