Emotional Body

Your Emotional body is the the combined total of every emotional experience you have ever experienced in you life, including past generations that may have been passed down. Your Emotional body also includes your general concerns, desires, & pleasures.

Fun Fact, The word emotion means “energy in motion?” So it makes complete since that this is where your thoughts and feelings energy flowsConscious Mind.png

As you can see from the picture above our emotions reside in our Subconscious Mind which makes up 90% of our Bodies actions vs 10% of what we are actually conscious of.

All our Experiences including Thoughts and Feelings flow through our Emotional body.
negative thoughts that we dwell on or take upon ourselves & experiences are energetically held as layers of memory (within the subconscious and unconscious mind) within the body that affect our day-to-day thoughts and feelings. For this reason, if you are not aware of your inner wounds and have not healed these past wounds you become a prisoner to the negative energetic influences and they start to affect our bodies as a whole.

Have you ever felt yourself doing certain behaviors or reacting in a certain way that did not feel like your true self? These unwanted reactions are signs of trapped emotions that may exist as energy living within you and driving your behavior.


Also within the emotional body is love & positive Emotions. When something is right or good we feel that happy or peaceful moment when our heart is communicating to us. This feeling is our desired state as an individual to Have Happiness and Joy. Our life’s purpose is to reach our full potential have Joy and Gratitude flowing throughout our entire being and surroundings. Honoring all that is positive, peaceful, joyful and loving leads to this fulfillment. When we heal the layers of trapped negative Emotions we then move ourselves to a state of joy and love allowing our body to Heal and live as we are meant to live.

If emotions are a struggle of yours and you want to learn more I teach a class as well as provide several service to aid in the Releasing of Trapped emotions to allow our Emotional bodies to heal affecting our Total bodies in Miraculous ways. See below or contact me for more information or to Schedule an emotional Healing session with me.

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