Mental Body/Mindset


The 1st thing and the biggest thing that made a difference for me for Taking control of my life and starting to live a balanced life is I knew I had to work on my mindset. I was so low & so depressed that after they told me I was never going to have kids that the 1 thing I have always wanted in life to be a mother wasn’t going to happen. It became a life or death situation for me. I have several extended family members that committed suicide so I knew if it wasn’t my health sooner or later it would be my mind and I knew no matter what excuses I was telling myself I had to do everything in my power to take back my life. I knew that it wouldn’t matter how hard I worked out or how good I ate if I didn’t work on my mindset I would give up and wouldn’t stick with it so this is what I want you to start with:

#1 Meditation, Make Time to meditate, Ponder, Walk in the woods, whatever it takes to give yourself you time and connect with your inner self. Visualize the life you want and are working towards.

#2 Start keeping a gratitude journal. Write 3 to 5 things you are grateful for every single day no matter what before you go to sleep write at least 3 to 5. I know for me this at first was way hard in fact some days it was the necessities (I have a place to live, cloths on my back, a husband who cares about me, food in the fridge)

#3 The Next thing I want you to start doing and this honestly was the absolute hardest thing for me…. Write 3 to 5 things you Love about yourself. Qualities, traits, abilities, eyes, Happy with the cloths you picked out for the day, etc. But 3 to 5 things you Love about yourself.

******And when you are having a hard day I want you to pull out the journal and read them over and over again.

Next is aim for 15 to 30 minutes of personal development. Audio, book, video whatever listen to it while cooking, getting ready, going to work. Whatever you have to do and I can get you some suggestions but I promise it is totally worth it.

#4 is Positive Affirmations, Join me in my next Mindset, Skill set Tool Class (details below for more information or Click here for How to create Effective & Positive Affirmations.

#5 Next step is Finding your Why. What is it deep inside of you that when it gets hard, because it will happen, what is it that is going to keep you going. What is it that you really want in life? & how will you feel when you reach it?

For More Information on Mindset I  invite you to come learn about the Power of our Minds. How to create personalized & effective Positive Affirmations, Personal Development, Gratitude Journal, Dealing with Negative Thoughts, Tools & Specific Essential Oils to help Improve your Mindset and get you started on the right track to improving your life, In my Next Mindset, Skillset, Toolset Class



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