Positive Affirmations


1- Write them as if they already happened. I am… I Know… I Have… I Love… (Not I will, I need, I Want, I hope etc.) Example: I want to lose weight or I wish I could lose weight. Some examples could be: I love living life at my goal weight right now, I love and approve of myself the way I am right now, I Am Confident in my Appearance and love living a Healthy Life.

2- Keep them POSITIVE! You want to avoid negative connotations at all costs. Example I no Longer am depressed. I will no longer eat fast food etc.… What you think about you bring about so if you’re seeing and repeating negative words it will attract more negativity into your life so KEEP IT POSITIVE. You would say I love living an uplifting and fulfilling life. Or I absolutely love eating a variety of Healthy food that give my body and mind all the nutrients they need to be the best Person I can.

3- Be Yourself!!!!! Use words you would normally use and relate to.

4- Write your Affirmations with Passion. Example: I am SO Excited to be enjoying this wealth. Instead of I am experiencing great success. Tip: Listen to uplifting music while writing them.

5- Make a list of Positive Attributes or Goals and write them down if affirmation form. I am Beautiful, I am Confident, I am an Incredible Father/Mother Improving Daily, I am an Exceptional cook, I am a fantastic Dancer, etc. 6- Make a list of negative things you don’t like in your life (perceptions you have created about your appearance, abilities, or potential) that you would like to change. Write affirmations to counteract them.

7- Don’t get caught up in the “HOW”. Don’t create affirmations that describe how. Put yourself in the frame of mind already having what you want. Once you put it out to the universe Opportunities will arise and the How things will just happen.

8- Celebrated the little successes & affirm your current successes. Give yourself credit for the things you already have accomplished or like about yourself.

9- ENJOY YOURSELF!!! Everyone is different we are all unique. Embrace your differences

10- Say them Out Loud, Add Motivational Music, and Really Feel them! Imagine they are already happening right now!