Emotional Benefits of Cypress


Cypress is the Oil of motion and flow. Stagnant energies are brought into motion through the fluid energy of this oil. it works in the heart and mind creating flexibility and movement. Cypress teaches the soul how to let go of the past by moving with the flow of life. Cypress is especially useful for individuals who are mentally or emotionally stuck, stiff, rigid, tense, over-striving or have perfectionistic tendencies. Cypress encourages individuals to cast aside worries and let go of control so they can enjoy and trust the true flow of life.

Emotional Benefits of Coriander


Coriander is the oil of Integrity. Especially with one’s self. If you feel trapped in a cycle of serving others while neglecting your own, you could really benefit from Coriander. Coriander reminds individuals that there is more than one way to do something, and fitting in some thing often requires betraying their true self. Coriander teaches that each individual is a gift to the world with unique ways no one else has to offer. It aids in shifting individuals from needing other’s acceptance to honoring and living from the true self.

Emotional Benefits of Clove


Clove is the oil of Boundaries. It Supports individuals in letting go of victim mentality. or victims feel overly influenced by other people and the outside circumstances. Clove helps individuals to stand up for themselves, be proactive, and feel capable of making their own decisions, regardless of others’ opinions. Clove give individuals the courage to say “no” and insists individuals to live true to themselves and the divine by establishing clear boundaries.

Emotional Benefits of Clary Sage

Clary sage

Clary Sage is the oil of Clarity and Vision. It gives individuals the courage to see truth. Clary sage dispels darkness and illusion, helping individuals a person to see their limiting belief systems. It opens creative channels and clearing creative blocks. It eliminates distractions from the mind and assists individuals in finding a state of emptiness where creative forces may be realized and allowing them to dream again. Clary Sage teaches individuals how to use their divinely given gifts.