What is a Flowologist and Flowology?

I Recently went through an Incredible Certification course to become a Certified Flowologist. I know. I know what you’re thinking What is Flowology and what do you do as a Flowologist? and How can it benefit me? right? If you google it, you won’t find it.

Flowology and Becoming a Flowologist is a brand new thing.

As a Certified Flowologist, I am certified to give foot treatments developed by Janet Marquez.

 Who Is Janet Marquez you may ask? She is an Amazing Wife and Mother of 4 Amazing kids, Homeschools,  A Fellow Foot Zone Therapist: 


Certified in :
Zone Balance
Zone Analysis,
Aromatouch Certified Therapist,

One of my Incredible Mentors and Friends,




A Diamond In DoTerra,

and is Trained in Body Language through 3 Key Elements. She is Truly so Amazing and is Blessed with so many Incredible Gifts and Talents. I have been so Honored to learn and expound my knowledge and Look forward to continuing to learn so much from her.
Before I explain what the course consists of I want you to do a little exercise with me.
I want you to put your hands together like you are holding a ball, A Ball of energy?  Try not to let you h
ands Touch. Do you feel that? that need to touch? That is Energy.

Everything is energy, everything holds a frequency, from the electromagnetic field that surrounds and interpenetrates your body, to the water or juice in your glass, to the glass holding the water.  As Creators, Doers, Thinkers, Feelers,  We create our lives based on everything we think, believe, and yes, or act upon.

Thoughts are energy; the more we choose to think on a thought, the more energy we give to it, and the vibrationally denser it becomes.  A thought given that continuous amount of energy will eventually precipitate through the interpenetrating layers of frequencies of the body’s energy field. Those Thoughts lead to feelings that create Emotions. In Most cases It Forms in which we generally know with our five senses.  From obtaining an Emotional Connection A thought can manifest as a habit, behavior or action, which will produce an outcome.  The quality of the thought, not to mention its substance, informs the outcome.  A thought given consistent energy that is out of alignment with your true essence can manifest as something undesired, including illness or dis-ease in your physical system, whereas a thought that reflects your true essence, or the energy of your divine self, will cause more of what feels good to you- optimal health, prosperity, nourishing relationships, Abundance, etc

What Does The Flowology Course Consist of?

To Briefly Describe the course we Learn about how our bodies energy flow, 10 foot treatments that combine acupressure with Essential oils and Positive affirmations to improve our mindset & to release traps and blocks allowing our bodies to energetically flow correctly. This allows us to become integrated through our Thinker, Feeler, Doer, & Creator spaces. Most people have felt emotionally “stuck” at some point. More than likely You have emotional junk that you are holding on to right now. You know that it does not serve you. Being stuck is the opposite of progressing. When you are “un-stuck” you are living in flow. 

What Does A Session Consist of?

A Session on Average is 40 to 60 minutes long

The 1st 20-30 minutes of our session I sit down with you, if you have had any previous sessions with me we do a follow up and see how things are going. If it Is your 1st session we will do a brief question and answer to get to know you a little and explore area’s where you may feel you stuck or what area’s of your life you’re struggling and wanting to improve. If you already have an area you wanting to improve or something you’re wanting help recognizing or overcoming or wanting to release we can work on that particular area.

The last 20-30 minutes I will complete a session on or if completing a session online I will complete the Treatment via Proxy for you. (Equal in Benefits of in person and Proxy)

In some cases I will also share exercises or tasks to aid in overcoming and working through the releasing process to help in the moving forward.

How Much Does A Flowology Session Cost?

The Recommended Price for a Flowology Session is $150

For the 1st 10 individuals to schedule and keep their appointment the Price is $97 and Then will go up to $137

In the near future I will be putting packages together for those who wish to go through all 10 treatments or if your wanting to purchase multiple sessions at a even greater discount.

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Flowology Treatments using the combination of essential oils, acupressure and affirmations is such a powerful tool designed to help you release emotional burdens that are holding you back from being your best self… that person you are on your best day… that person you were born to be. That emotional baggage may store in different parts of your body, and once it is gone, many people literally feel lighter and more at peace. My goal in giving these treatments is to help recognize what may be holding you back and Help to  you live more in flow… That is Flowology.
And I look forward to meeting with you! If you have an additional questions feel free to in the box below.