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What is Foot Zone Therapy

Zone Therapy is precise, directed pressure to the various “zones” of the feet. As A Certified Foot Zone Therapist, I observes the foot and interpret the “messages” it conveys through discoloration, texture and tenderness. When a signal point is triggered within a certain zone, a message goes to the tissue or organ effected, through a reflex arc to the spinal cord and then to the brain. Discomfort is experienced in the areas of imbalance–areas where healing is needed. Zone Therapy stimulates every organ and renews the cell system in each treatment. Zone Therapy is a holistic approach which recognizes that all of the body’s cells and organs make up a complex and interactive organism.

Much more occurs during a session than meets your eye or awareness, and Completing them face to face is essential to achieving the full physical, mental and emotional benefit. However they can be completed by Energy and still be very beneficial. A session usually lasts for 40-60 minutes. The size of your feet do influence the time it takes as well as how open the signals are on your feet. For example, children with smaller feet take less time because of their size and general overall health.

Multiple and consistent sessions over a two month period are recommended to detoxify and establish the bodies restorative process. So I do offer package deals and a great savings. After this period, We will determine a schedule that is based on your individual needs and overall health. You will find that your body will tell you when it’s time for a Zone.

What results can I expect from a Foot Zone?

After a foot zone session most people will feel very relaxed, and a great release of stress. They may feel that their body feels more in balance allowing the body as a whole to have a more perfect state of homeostasis.

Most Foot Zone Therapists are not from the medical field including myself and I can not diagnose or prescribe. As A Foot Zone Therapist we believe in treating the body as a whole and not treating specific diseases or problems. Although I cannot claim direct healing effects and cures, I have personally received & seen remarkable results during or after the treatment.

Many people have experienced remarkable relief from common ailments such as headaches, back pain, digestive and sleep disorders, depression, auto immune failure, the common cold/flu, stress, and many other health problems

How often should you be zoned?

Honestly, this is up to you and how you feel after. I always tell my clients: Listen to your heart and body; you will know when you need another treatment. What this means is that you know how your body feels and how the Foot Zone affected you.

I have clients that benefit greatly from being zoned once every month while others feel it necessary to be zoned as often as every 4 to 8 days. This really depends on what you are trying to accomplish with the treatments.

Who should not be zoned?

The few that cannot be Zoned are those with organ or tissue transplants, not-attached foreign objects in the body, pacemakers, and/or recent surgeries. This is because as the signal system is activated, it indicates to the body to return to its original DNA status and to discard any foreign objects from the body. That being said, there are always exceptions to the rules. We have found energy work combined with the Foot Zone allows your body to be more accepting of the changes in your body.

Could I have any side effects after a Foot Zone?

I have never seen any BAD side effects!

Similar to a detailed massage or other body work there are several health responses that may occur:

  • Some clients feel energized with more vitality.
  • Change in sleep patterns – sleep becomes deeper and calmer or dreams become more active.
  • Tiredness – the body responds by needing more sleep so it can rest and repair.
  • Emotional or psychological releases may result in crying.
  • A more active digestive system.
  • Increased skin activity and or perspiration.
  • More clarity of thought.
  • Release of stress and feeling more in balance.
  • Frequent urination and or detoxification.

Most people find it helpful to flush their system by drinking three glasses of water after a session.

Price list

Standard FootZone:  $57  Schedule Now

Advance Pedicure/Zone Session:(60-90min) includes a full Pedicure and Foot Zone Session: ($97 Value)  Special Price:$75 Schedule Now

             Energy Zone: $57       Schedule Now

Foot Zone Packages

Bronze Package: Includes 3 Standard Foot Zone Sessions: $171 value

Special Price: $157

Silver Package: Includes 3 Advance Zone/Pedicure Sessions: $291 value

Special Price : $207

Gold Package: Includes 5  Standard Zone Sessions: $285 value

Special Price: $247

Platinum Package: Includes 5 Standard Foot Zone Sessions: $485 value

Special Price: $407


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