Idea’s for Spending Quality Time with your Significant other.

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My Husband and I started Dating in October 2006 and Got Married in August 2008. Over the years we have found that despite all the hussle and bussle of everything going on around us for a Healthy and Strong relationship it truly is Crucial to making sure we are spending quality time with each other and making our relationship a Priority.

So many couples get married and life happens and we forget to continue doing those little things we did when we were dating. Those little things that we would CONSISTENTLY do to build our relationship. You guys We Can’t Stop!!!!! That’s one of the many reasons why the Divorce rate is so High!!! and I don’t know about you but We want our relationship to be Eternal, Never Ending!! Does this mean we haven’t had our own share of struggles? ABSOLUTElY not! We have had so many struggles and challenges happen in our life in fact in those times of serious struggle we realized that their was a Huge lack of Communication and Showing our Appreciation for each other. It is through communicating and working through our struggles that we are able to grow in our relationships and as individuals. Continue reading “Idea’s for Spending Quality Time with your Significant other.”