Law of Attraction

19983752_1560866937259667_2777091030566393568_oOur Thoughts become Feelings.
Our Feelings become Actions,
Our Actions Become our Results.

Our life is a direct result from our thoughts and feelings that we are attracting to ourselves.

Focus on the things you are Greatful for. If you are really struggling I highly recommend a Gratitude Journal. Writing 3 to 5 things every day that you are Greatful for. Does this mean bad things or hard things won’t happen. Absolutely not. It’s through hard times, challenges, getting out of our comfort zone that we grow and become stronger.

If you go to the scriptures and search heart & mind there are so many scriptures that talk about our hearts and minds becoming one.

Those that struggle tend to “harden their hearts and Minds” (stubborn, pride, etc) as we Humble Ourself, let go of Pride, completely allow ourself to forgive not only others but ourself, open our Hearts and minds and trust the process of life.

Even those who aren’t religious, whatever you Believe in your heart and set your mind to You truly can accomplish it.

Life is ment to be enjoyable! Loose yourselves in Gratitude

I Love this Scripture

D&C 64: 33 Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.
34 Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind; and the willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land of Zion in these last days.

Power of a change and Plea for Empowerment!

Sorry this is a little long but today I want to share some thoughts I was having today as recently I took a challenge to really grow myself and help others improve their lives. Not that I obviously wasn’t already doing that but to really put my Heart and be really consistent at what i am doing. Through this experience I have been journalling a lot about my future and it got me really thinking about my past and how far I have come. As well as how powerful our choices in life are. For those that aren’t familiar with my story in 2010-2011

After having my 2nd miscarriage out of what would of been 4 miscarriages (6 pregnancies total) and being told I most likely would never have kids, not to mention being over 200lbs , extremely depressed and an Emotional Nightmare. I Got so low that I had to make a serious choice.

12313968_1065034650176234_1415210910718284993_n                                                                        To continue living the life I was which sooner or later between everything I would well lets just say I would be here today.


Take control of my life despite all odds against me and do everything I could to get healthy MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, EMOTIONS all of it.


Obviously I chose the 2nd but as those of you who attend my classes know I share so many of those ways that I used to get exactly where I am today.

A huge part of that is in 2006 I decided to take a foot zoning class and was introduced to Doterra essential oils. Little did I know 6 yrs later even after trying other companies in between here and there, Doterra would be a Huge part of my life and that I would find my true and Lifelong Purpose: To Empower others to recognize Their Inner & Outer Beauty, Recognize the Gifts and Talents within their self, To Finding balance in Their Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, & Physical bodies that will Transform their Lives and Allow Them to Reach Their Full Potential as God would have them do.

My Heart is truly filled with Gratitude that you have taken the time to read this and I pray as you continue through your life you will take the time to Love others unconditionally despite differences and join the Empowering Movement to uplift others around you!

The Power of Choices.

Thoughtful Thursday has come around again and I have been fighting with myself on what I wanted to write about today so I decided I would just start typing and see where it takes me.

I feel the need to talk about Choices.  In our lives we are blessed with an Abundant amount of choices to make. Every day we have the choice to wake up, a choice to act on thoughts in positive or negative ways and with every choice  we act on we get a result. I love to teach this diagram because it is so true. In this post I’m only going to get into a little of it and will share more in a later post for you.

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What is Holding you Back!!!!

Your are 100% responsible for where you are at right now. Decide, Commit, and Resolve. You have to take Action!!!! Success is not a upward journey. It’s all over the place. You Have to go through failing to Succeed in whatever it is you want in your life. Don’t give up! keep going! There are no Short cuts! It’s a Daily, weekly, Hourly, Consistent Choice that you make! Let go of all your excuses and Just Go out and Make it Happen! Overcome your Obstacles in your mind and Go out and DO IT!!!

The Choice is yours. What are you focussing on? What you Think about you bring about. Start NOW! Quit Procrastinating and thinking of everything that could or could not Happen! It won’t happen until you start Taking Action!!! Commit!!